Success markers for Micki Rose’s barrier plan for multiple food intolerance

Many of you will have followed Micki Rose’s long search for a way to deal with her own (and many of her patients’) devastating and debilitating food sensitivities which has culminated in her ‘Barrier Plan’. There is an in depth explanation of her theories, and her plan, on the Foods Matter site here; but, in essence she believes that, in those with multiple sensitivities, the body’s natural ‘barriers’ (the gut wall or gut barrier, the skin barrier, the blood brain barrier and the lung barrier) have broken down and become permeable, allowing all kinds of allergens and other ‘foreign bodies’ into the blood stream and into organs in which they have no business to be.

These foreign bodies can cause allergic/sensitivity reactions and inflammation which, if it becomes chronic, may lead to a disruption or deregulation of the immune system and, in time to the dozens of autoimmune conditions which seem to afflict 21st century – coeliac disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, motor neurone etc etc etc.  Her approach is two fold – first eliminate all the allergens (a lot easier said than done) and then rebuild the barriers.

Her theories, her elimination protocol and her subsequent barrier rebuilding are all described both in the article on our site mentioned above and, in much greater detail in the Plan itself (available, along with hundreds of supporting documents/research,  from the Pure Health Clinic shop – and an absolute snip at £65…..).  But what is fascinating is the success that both she and those following the plan are managing to achieve.

There are posts scattered through her Truly Gluten Free site (she promises to put up a testimonials page very soon…) from followers of the plan who are already feeling hugely much better on the first stage elimination diet but here is the post on which she logs her own migraine scores over the last six months since she has been following her own protocol.

She scored her migraines from 1 – 12. As she says:

‘The migraine used to score about 8-10 on the pain scale. The average one now is about 2-4, with an occasional 6. They used to last 4 days and now last 2 days – almost on the dot of 48 hours, it just goes and then I need to sleep.’

She then totals up the scores for the months which, before she started the plan in January, were averaging out at around 200 a month. Since January they have run as follows:

January 64.5
February 56.5
March 51.5 (we had carpets fitted and I suffered more migraines as a result)
April 57.5 (an ongoing gum problem flared up, a reaction to something, still working out exactly what)
May 55 (still had gum problem and was mightily fed up :(  )
June 29  Yes, 29!!! (gum problem pretty much gone, most days.5-1. PLEASE God or whoever is looking after me, let it stay gone!)

And that is just the migraines. As all sufferers from multiple intolerances know only too well, it is not just the severity of the symptoms that is so disabling it is the multiplicity of them. But, as one improves, so, on the whole, do the others… Which suggests a very encouraging prognosis for those following her plan…

For an introduction  to the barrier theory, the barrier plan diet and the barrier supplement protocol see Micki’s article; for the plan itself got to the Pure Health Clinic shop here. 

John Scott Celebrates Going on a Diet!

While athletics enthusiasts are celebrating the UK’s record haul of gold medals this week, another celebration is in order! John Scott, who long-term Foodsmatter supporters will remember suffered from such total and comprehensive food allergy/intolerance that, when we first met him, he had been surviving for nearly 15 years on elemental infant formula, is having to go on a diet!!

Now that may not seem a big deal to many readers but, when you have been unable to eat even a spoonful of yogurt or a slither of lightly steamed chicken without setting off a major eruption of your Crohn’s disease and putting yourself in bed for a week and feeling like death for at least two days it is unbelievable.

And it is all down to around 35 wriggly little Necator Americanus hookworms, otherwise known as helminths or parasites: what Western medicine has gone to great lengths to eliminate in first world populations because, in excess, they can cause illness or, even death.

However, the theory (which is expounded in very much greater detail by John and others in the helminthic therapy section) is that over many millenia primitive man and parasitic worms had learned to cohabit successfully. Because hygiene was basic and humans lived in close proximity with their animals they could not avoid being infected by parasites. But a healthy human immune system is able to deal with moderate infestations of parasites and a symbiotic relationship grew up in which the parasites lived happily in the human gut where the immune system prevented them multiplying to dangerous levels.

But the 20th century’s obsession with chemically induced clinical levels of hygiene has driven the parasites from their place – and left the immune system with time on its hands. With no parasites to keep under control, it seeks other occupation and, for lack of pathogens to fight, turns on itself hence the explosion in allergy and autoimmune conditions such as coeliac disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc, etc.

Certainly, for John this seems to be the case. Less than a year ago, he infected himself with his first clutch of hookworms and, after some initial teething problems as they settled in, he has not looked back. (Read more.) To the point where, in an email to me over the weekend, he said that he was now eating so well that he had put on so much weight that he needed to go on a diet!!

He says that we will now need to reduce to three meals a day rather than four and has planned the following diet for himself:

Breakfast is likely to be something like live goat milk yogurt with banana and blueberries, followed by a few nuts and/or seeds. Or maybe a couple of eggs with buttered crisp breads (rye, rice or corn) and a mango.

Lunch will be either cheese or nut butter on crisp bread and fruit.

For dinner, I’ll have a salad including fresh home-grown sprouts and either fish or fowl and 1 1/2 (yep, that’s one and a half!) pints of freshly juiced veg, including at least half a dozen different varieties.

Not bad for someone who eighteen months ago, when the manufacturers discontinued the only infant formula he was able to tolerate, seriously considered that he might eventually starve to death… Celebrations definitely in order!