Success markers for Micki Rose’s barrier plan for multiple food intolerance

Many of you will have followed Micki Rose’s long search for a way to deal with her own (and many of her patients’) devastating and debilitating food sensitivities which has culminated in her ‘Barrier Plan’. There is an in depth explanation of her theories, and her plan, on the Foods Matter site here; but, in essence she believes that, in those with multiple sensitivities, the body’s natural ‘barriers’ (the gut wall or gut barrier, the skin barrier, the blood brain barrier and the lung barrier) have broken down and become permeable, allowing all kinds of allergens and other ‘foreign bodies’ into the blood stream and into organs in which they have no business to be.

These foreign bodies can cause allergic/sensitivity reactions and inflammation which, if it becomes chronic, may lead to a disruption or deregulation of the immune system and, in time to the dozens of autoimmune conditions which seem to afflict 21st century – coeliac disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, motor neurone etc etc etc.  Her approach is two fold – first eliminate all the allergens (a lot easier said than done) and then rebuild the barriers.

Her theories, her elimination protocol and her subsequent barrier rebuilding are all described both in the article on our site mentioned above and, in much greater detail in the Plan itself (available, along with hundreds of supporting documents/research,  from the Pure Health Clinic shop – and an absolute snip at £65…..).  But what is fascinating is the success that both she and those following the plan are managing to achieve.

There are posts scattered through her Truly Gluten Free site (she promises to put up a testimonials page very soon…) from followers of the plan who are already feeling hugely much better on the first stage elimination diet but here is the post on which she logs her own migraine scores over the last six months since she has been following her own protocol.

She scored her migraines from 1 – 12. As she says:

‘The migraine used to score about 8-10 on the pain scale. The average one now is about 2-4, with an occasional 6. They used to last 4 days and now last 2 days – almost on the dot of 48 hours, it just goes and then I need to sleep.’

She then totals up the scores for the months which, before she started the plan in January, were averaging out at around 200 a month. Since January they have run as follows:

January 64.5
February 56.5
March 51.5 (we had carpets fitted and I suffered more migraines as a result)
April 57.5 (an ongoing gum problem flared up, a reaction to something, still working out exactly what)
May 55 (still had gum problem and was mightily fed up :(  )
June 29  Yes, 29!!! (gum problem pretty much gone, most days.5-1. PLEASE God or whoever is looking after me, let it stay gone!)

And that is just the migraines. As all sufferers from multiple intolerances know only too well, it is not just the severity of the symptoms that is so disabling it is the multiplicity of them. But, as one improves, so, on the whole, do the others… Which suggests a very encouraging prognosis for those following her plan…

For an introduction  to the barrier theory, the barrier plan diet and the barrier supplement protocol see Micki’s article; for the plan itself got to the Pure Health Clinic shop here. 

The Truth about Gluten – and the Barrier Plan

It is so long since I have blogged that I have almost forgotten what the blog looks like… All down to the ‘clear up’ after the very successful FreeFrom Food Awards party and presentation on the 17th (see here for the winners and here for Alex’s usual witty report on the party). As anyone who has run functions will know, the ‘tidy up’ process after a ‘do’ always ends up by taking far longer than the organisation that preceded it….

Anyhow, I thought that while I was getting my head back into blogging mode, I would direct all readers with an interest in gluten sensitivity to Micki Rose’s new and revamped sites. As  many of you will be aware, Micki has been working on the theory that it is not just the traditional ‘coeliac’ grains (wheat, barley and rye) which cause problems for those with gluten sensitivity (and for those coeliacs who do not really get better on the traditional ‘coeliac diet’) but all grains – and she does mean all grains.

Using her Truly Gluten Free site as both a research tool and to log her progress, she has been tracking down, in forensic detail, ‘truly’ gluten free foods, supplements and skincare products. Even more importantly she has been developing her theory that the real problem is not so much the gluten but a breakdown in the function of the many ‘barriers’ (gut, skin, blood-brain etc) which should be preventing proteins such as gluten and other potential allergens crossing into the bloodstream and triggering both allergic and autoimmune episodes.

She will, I hope, be precis-ing her theories for us for the FoodsMatter sites in the near future, but rather than waiting for that, why not go directly to her two sites where she explains her theories: the very interactive Truly Gluten Free blog site  where you can also read the experiences of those who have been testing out her protocols for her, and her new site, where she takes you, step by step, through the regime that she has developed.

As yet, I have not had a chance to do more than glance at the latter, but if I know Micki, it will be extremely well thought through, very thoroughly tested and totally user friendly. And, if the feed back from those who have tried the diet is any guide, life-changingly successful! Good reading…

The Progression of Multiple Food Intolerances

Micki Rose recently had a very interesting post on her Truly Gluten Free site discussing the depressing progression of food intolerance that will already be familiar to those on very restricted diets, as their food options get ever fewer.

Micki sees a possible answer in strengthening the barriers (the gut wall barrier being the first but the blood brain barrier, the skin barrier, the lung barrier etc all being possible targets for strengthening) that should prevent unwanted proteins reaching parts of the body that they were never intended to reach.

For those of you who find such a scenario hard to credit, you might wish to read some of the stories on the Foods Matter site by those who have, or do, suffer from total food intolerance: John Scott who found a way out through helminthic therapy (Total food intolerance and Wriggling out of food intolerance); Isobel’s existence on infant formula (although Isobel too has now found a very much greater degree of tolerance via helminthic therapy); Anna Locatelli who is reduced to foraging for fresh foods from the hedgerows and who is also dramatically affected by environmental chemicals and Annabel Senior who finally died of starvation as she ran out of things she could eat….